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“MLM FB Conspiracy – Insider Trade Secrets To CRUSH IT With Facebook PPC”

Dear Network Marketer,

One of the best Facebook marketers just released a step by step course on how to market using Facebook. It was so good; we bought the rights to it so we could offer it to you for a low low price!

What if I told you I figured out how to tap into the largest cash cow that we’ve seen in years online..

Would you believe me?

Within the past couple of years, many people have become overnight heavy hitters within their organization using the power of one thing: FACEBOOK!

Facebook has over 750 MILLION users now, and here’s why YOU desperately need to market to these people: Facebook has done the heavy lifting for you by segregating the 750 Million people. They have separated them based on their likes and now, it’s your turn to go after them.

FINALLY.. Become an OVERNIGHT Facebook Sensation in YOUR Network Marketing Company!

Two years ago I got swallowed by the massive Google slap and was left in the dark and no business. I turned media buys especially Facebook. Facebook was really the only place us network marketers could turn to to get clicks for cheap and to make quick money.

Second UGLY Truth: The fastest way to make money online is to PAY for traffic and send it directly to a high converting offer! I don’t care what any other “guru” says that’s the truth..

The only part that sucks is that most of you are broke and can’t afford to pay for traffic.


Introducing… MLM FB The Massive Facebook Ad “Crush It” Video Training Series

We all know Facebook is the largest website today and it’s indeed the largest cash cow to grow your business. The only problem most of you can’t get your ads approved or don’t have enough money to pay for advertising or don’t even know where to begin. This step by step video tutorials will walk you through step by step so you can finally CRUSH it like the pro’s!

Step by step training that shows you how to beat FB at their own game. It says directly in FB’s advertising guidelines that you cannot create ads for “make money opportunities” or “work from home” or “Get rich quick” and it’s true if you don’t know the methods I teach in FB Conspiracy you will never have a chance to make money on FB and definitely not get your ads approved. Fact: If you master Fb like I will teach you can be dead broke and make serious cash!

Here’s What YOU WILL KNOW By the End of the Week:

First I will show you many places where you can get $50 in free FB ads (coupons) so even if you’re dead broke you have no excuse to try my methods and start creating ad campaigns.

Next, I will hold your hand and show you my EXACT campaigns that I’m running right now that are cashing in and doubling my profits. I will prove to you live those same campaigns making me money in real time and will even turn on campaigns in the middle of teaching you the ultimate Conspiracy against FB. Facebook is smart but not that smart and I will prove it to you.

  • How to set up high converting ad campaigns
  • How to get your ads approved and to keep them approved
  • How to get ads approved to any make money product you want
  • How to get cents for clicks- never pay more than .75 cents (and that’s high)
  • How to spread a web so big that your ads literally follow your audience around everywhere – they will have no choice but to click your ads!!
  • Get access to the MLM FB Mindmap – This mindmap alone is worth triple the cost for the course. It is my exact conspiracy against FB and in the wrong hands..well will make you a lot of money!
  • Also automation, tracking and other cool tools that you will love-I have to have some surprises!
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Jeff Gardner

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